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Paid search marketing is known in the marketing and advertising industry by many different names (and abbreviations).


100% Transparency and Ownership of your Google Ad Account

Campaign Settings

Data from quantitative research such as market size, demographics, and user preferences provides important information for business decisions.

Ad Group & Ads Creations

Workable flows are established. Each of the multiple flow variations established initially are a mix of probabilities that benefit from our combining them with one another.

Keyword Selection

Style Guides are created and the UI gets a graphic uplift. The finished screens undergo prototyping and is now ready for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Ad Extensions

Upon a successful UAT, bullet proof codes are developed that are responsive by nature to devices that matter.

Machine Learning Optimization

Our SEM campaign specialists will tap on machine learning technology to optimize your campaigns.

Transparent Reporting

Trust between you and our team is our utmost priority.

Lower your Cost-Per-Acquisition

More than driving leads, we also aim to reduce your overall cost to acquire a lead, to make sure that you are making the best Return On Investment (ROI) from your marketing investment.

Conversion Tracking

Tracking your conversions will give you a good idea of how your SEM campaigns are performing.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads allow you to show targeted ads to users who have already visited your website.

Call Tracking

With our call tracking technology, we can properly attribute phone calls to the campaigns that we are running for you.
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