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We are a well-known logo design company in Bangalore, India that creates specialized logo producers. Our efficient designers make logo designs full of creativity and will help you build a strong identity for your organization in the corporate sector. We aim to provide top-notch corporate logos for B2B, B2C, small, and large businesses. 

You must know an impressive logo design makes your brand strong. So, you should make an amazing logo for your brand and get a spontaneous impact. If you are looking for the best logo design company in Bangalore, I must say that you are in the right place because we will make the best logo design for your brand. 

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When making a prestigious log for a company, Growth Panda, a digital marketing agency, has been taking extra care. Our main goal is to make a unique logo for your brand to build a strong brand reputation. We have already made logos for a few reputed industries such as Real estate, Catering, Event management, training Consultancy, travel, e-commerce, and resort. All of these industries are very satisfied with our work, and a few have said that we are the best Logo design company in Bangalore. I am sure you are very excited to know about our work, so we have attached our logo design portfolio below. 

Benefits Of Logo Design Service In Bangalore

Businesses wishing to build their brand and develop a distinctive visual identity can enjoy several advantages provided by logo design services in Bangalore. Mainly logo design services companies in Bangalore provide long-term benefits. Some benefits of Logo design services are discussed below.


A logo design agency may assist you in developing a logo that embodies the values and mission of your brand and looks professional. It might be challenging to generate a sense of legitimacy and professionalism for your company, but a well-designed logo can help

Brand recognition

Building brand recognition and establishing your company in the market requires a distinctive and recognizable logo. You can build a logo that stands out and is recognized by your target audience with the aid of a logo design agency.


Using a logo design service in Bangalore, you can ensure your logo is the same on all your marketing materials and platforms. By being consistent, you may increase audience trust and increase brand recognition.


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A logo design service can assist you in creating a scalable logo, allowing you to utilize it on various marketing materials and platforms and effortlessly change its size. We are a digital marketing company in Bangalore, and we make the best logo designs for companies to develop their brand identity.

Better Communication:

A logo communicates your brand's message and values to your target audience. A well-designed logo can convey your brand's personality, making it easier for your customers to understand your business

Types of Logo Design Service In Bangalore We Provide

We are Bangalore’s best logo design company, making various creative logo designs for organizations. There are several types of logo designs available, which are listed below.

Custom Logo Design

The most typical kind of logo design service is custom logo design, where a designer develops a distinctive logo following the demands and preferences of the customer.

Logo refresh

Refreshing a logo makes little adjustments to seem more current

Template Logo Design

In this type of service, the designer creates a logo that satisfies the client's requirements using premade logo templates.

Brand Identity Design

Designing a brand's complete visual identity, including a logo, colour scheme, typography, and other visual components, is the task of a brand identity designer.

Logo Design Process In Bangalore

Numerous expert logo design firms and independent contractors in Bangalore provide logo design services.

In order to guarantee that you receive a premium and successful logo for your brand, selecting a reputable and skilled designer is critical.

There are some processes regarding our company’s logo designing process, which are discussed below


The first stage is to comprehend the customer's needs, target market, and brand positioning. This entails talking with the customer about the design brief to grasp their goals and expectations


The designer develops concepts and sketches for the logo design based on the research and the brief. The client is then shown these ideas for discussion and input.


The client is shown the finished design to get their approval. If any modifications are necessary, they are made now.


To get ideas and inspiration for the logo design, the designer researches the client's industry, rivals, and trends.


The designer develops the selected concept into a final design after getting feedback from the client. For a design to be cohesive and effective, the appropriate font, colour scheme, and visual components must be chosen.


After the final design has been accepted, the designer provides the client with the logo files in the necessary formats and sizes.

How long does it take to Design a Logo?

It’s crucial to give the logo design process enough time so that the end product meets your expectations and accurately portrays your business. Rushing the process might lead to a poor design that fails to represent the values and message of your business.

We take 1 day to make an innovative and attractive logo for your brand. When we make the logo, we focus on the client’s requirements. So, this is the reason we are logo design Services in Bangalore


We are a popular digital marketing agency in Bangalore, so we make the best logo designs for the company at a reasonable cost. We have worked with start-ups and enterprises on developing their visual identities and changing their design languages. To develop an effective Corporate Brand Identity Design and Development, we have a solid grasp of business concepts and branding imagery. We take pleasure in producing fantastic logos quickly.

How We Are Different From Other Logo Design Companies In Bangalore

We differ from other logo design companies in Bangalore because we make the best logo designs for our clients and focus on all their demands. We maintain the quality of the designs so that our clients are attracted towards us to get the best logos at their budget. There are a few reasons that make us best, which are listed below.

We select a suitable colour tone for your logo

We select the correct form of the logo

We choose a style font

We make the logo by considering the industry

A logo is crucial to a business’s branding and fulfils many crucial functions. Here are some reasons. 

  1. Brand identity 
  2. Professionalism
  3. Differentiation
  4. Marketing
  5. Consistency

The complexity of the design, the designer’s level of experience, and the project’s particular requirements are some of the variables that can affect the price of a customized logo.

For larger and more sophisticated projects, the price of logo design in Bangalore can often range from a few -₹-2000/- to several ₹-10,000/- or more for the complex logo.

A professional logo design frequently includes multiple elements that work together to create a visual representation of a company’s brand identity.

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