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Do you want to make your website more appealing and unique? WordPress Plugins are the most essential element in a WordPress website. Plugins play a vital role in making any WordPress website more appealing and responsive. They do a lot of functionalities and adds impressive features to the website.

In this article, we will discuss some of the magical & interesting plugins that will change your WordPress website experience. This will also grab the attention of your visitors and increase your website engagements.

1. Forminator
Forminator is one of the interesting WordPress plugins. This plugin will help you to create amazing quizzes and polls inside your website. Overall, this will increase your user engagement and attention. With this plugin, your site visitors will solve amazing quizzes and share them on their social media.

With its interactive polls feature, you can get easily collect your user opinions on various topics. It will really help in the improvement of your user experience. With this plugin, you can also create custom forms, do calculations, and do payment integration.

2. Floating Icons
Floating icons is one of the coolest WordPress plugins. This plugin will offer an amazing experience when someone visits your website. It really grabs the user’s attention by floating icons on your website.

It’s is best to decorate your website in festive seasons or greet your visitors in a unique way. Also, you can customize the size and speed of icons in the settings section. You can also use this plugin in your landing pages, discount and offers period, or in a normal period.

3. Docxpresso
Docxpresso is one of the best and magical WordPress plugins. If you draft your blogs & articles in MS Word & Excel then it will be the right plugin for you. It works as a magical tool because it will transfer your MS Word& Excel data directly.

magical & cool wordpress plugins
With the help of this plugin, you can easily transfer your content to WordPress without interrupting anything. The format & structure will remain the same. So you don’t have to worry about re-editing the content. Apart from that, the text, heading, tables, links, header & footer will also be the same.

4. Stylish Scrolling Title
As the name suggests, this WordPress plugin will auto-scroll the title to your website. Every website owner wants to give the best user experience to their site visitors.

If your website title is long then it is the best plugin for you. With the help of this plugin, your site visitors will easily read the site title and also grab their attention. When you open multiple tabs in your browser then it will look really cool and grab your attention.

5. Asteroids Widget
Last but not least, this plugin is one of the coolest WordPress plugins. Do you love Asteroids? If Yes, then you can change your WordPress website into an asteroids game.

With the help of this plugin, your visitors can destroy the contents of your page by shooting them. It will be very funny and interesting to play such time of a game on a live website. Don’t worry, whenever you refresh your page, everything will be normal. It’s a widget that you put on any of your pages.

We always want to improve our website user experience and audience retention. Also, these things will also improve your website SEO. With the help of these magical & cool plugins, you can really make your website more interesting & appealing.

Make sure to add as per your audience’s behavior. You can add fun games and quizzes if you have a young audience. Don’t add any funny plugins when you have a serious audience. So choose the plugins accordingly.

If you want a professional WordPress website then don’t forget to check out our contact us page. Please let us know your favorite plugin from above in the comment section. If you found this article valuable and interesting then your one click of share motivates us to publish more blogs.

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